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Young Freedom

Young Freedom (verb):  the desire to and action of claiming success before one is too old to enjoy it.  Young people shouldn’t have to fall prey to modern day corporate slavery.  People were not made be tied to a desk, long for the weekends, or long for the lives of social media icons.  Young Freedom is about motivating the youth to action!  School doesn’t teach the most important lesson of all:  how to get good at life.  Banking, college, mortgage, renting, jobs, sexuality, gender, confidence, self-image and self-love, style, kindness, family, finance, business, travel, friends, discipline, the list continues.  Join my brand.  Together, we can gain Young Freedom.


Drone Over the Mountains

Your Streamlined Solution to Complex FAA Regulations

"The Turbo Tax of drone programs" 

- Michaela D. - DroneIQ member

Drone Management Group is made up of current/active public safety officials with over 7,000 hours of Part 107 flight time and hundreds of successful missions completed.

Mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) part 107, to operate a drone (UAS) for commercial use, you must have FAA certification and have documentation and manuals to legally operate in the National Airspace (NAS) of the United States.  To build a legal, fully operational UAS requires hours upon hours and in some cases, years, to fully complete and maintain proficiency.  


Save precious time by engaging in a 6-9 modules - INCLUDING the bonus, highly sought after, Certificate of Authorization and Waiver module* - that will create or update your UAS operations manual and management system, thus boosting the merit of your drone program, regardless of whether you're starting out, or already established.  


At the end of the Drone IQ course, you will walk away with printable documents that ARE your program manual and unrivaled knowledge that "flies" for itself in your fully mission ready drone program for a fraction of the price it would take to build it on your own.  This is why we've earned the title "the turbotax of drone programs."  


Click 'Increase your Drone IQ' to see how you can add the Certificate of Authorization and Waiver (COA) moduel, a highly sought after $497 value, for FREE!

*COA Course only available with purchase of the Drone IQ Enterprise Suite.

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Operation Trident Justice

Get your Copy Now!

Proceeds benefit Wounded Warrior Project

Operation Trident Justice is a story of a young U.S. Navy SEAL prodigy named Karson, who is thrown into the world of combat without much preparation. As a SEAL, one is subjected to the harsh reality of seven billion people. Its a cruel world. Forced to do horrible things to horrible people, Karson finds himself continuously struggling with his conscious. With the stresses of war and faced with now attractive offers from the opposing side, Karson must now fall back on a basic unit of training to stay the path. The SEAL Ethos.

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When the Goin' Gets Tough - Available Now!

Proceeds benefit The Suicide Prevention Foundation

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