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Affiliate Products

These are some products I use to better my life.  Maybe you could benefit from them too!

Tai Lopez - Lifestyle Products

These products range from clean, non-gmo, non-anti biotic, and cruelty free food, bettering your online presence, learning about the stock market, and more.



Coming Soon


Firmoo Glasses

Want new glasses but don't want to pay a hell of a lot of doe, Firmoo gives you excellent prescription glasses for a fraction of the cost of other avenues.  Visit and get a special reward using discount code M1K4M3 at checkout!  Order your dream frame!!! 3-month Warranty is strongly supported ! DO NOT MISS OUT!


Jade Black Glasses - Luxury without the Price Tag

We engineer premium eyewear with the best in class materials and leave behind the hefty price tag.




Get Reebok Shoes for % OFF!


20% off American Eagle Clothing


Keep your hair!

I started using Keeps to stop my hair loss and it’s already working. They ship you a daily supply every 3 months, at half the cost of the pharmacy. Here’s 50% off your first order. This offer ends soon. You can thank me later.

Let's Work Together

I never share what I don't use myself.  As I continue to find things that I like, I will update this page.  If you know of other affiliate programs I can participate in, please, let me know at or let me know via my contact tab. Eventually, Nathan Haston will offer an affiliate program that you can participate in!  More to come.

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