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Public Service

Nathan Haston is an adamant public servant.  From starting his service with the Boy Scouts of America as a Wolf Scout, making it to Webalo, to church events serving the community locally like the White River Clean Up, to renovating a nature center in Beta Theta Pi, which he founded on his college campus, to Federal Government service, Nathan has assisted the people of the Nation as well as the environment.  Nathan endeavors to continue to serve the public,  in any aspect of life.

Emergency Service

Nathan has been a part of the emergency service scene for local, state, and federal government.  These services include:  police, fire, Emergency Medical, Emergency Management, military, hazardous materials, etc.

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Community Service

Nathan has been a part of numerous community service projects.  ​

Boy Scouts of America:

  1. Numerous requirements to satisfy community service patches

White River Christian Church:

  1. White River Clean Up

Beta Theta Pi:

  1. Renovation of a nature center

Local Fire Department:

  1. Canned Food Drive

Local Public School:

  1. Canned Food Drive

  2. Performance at a local nursing home


  1. Canned Food Drive

  2. Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Image by Hannah Busing

The United States, Department of Transportation,
Federal Aviation Administration

In 2020, Nathan Haston was hired as an En Route Air Traffic Control Specialist at Aerocenter, located at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, colocated with KOKC, Will Rogers World Airport, for the United States Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration.  This is a United States Federal Government position.  The airspace of Aerocenter services airspace around Louisiana, with airports like Jackson International Airport, Greenwood Airport, Vicksburg Airport, Talulah Airport, and Byerley Airport.

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