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Acting &
Martial Arts

Reels and Credits

Social Media

I'm on every major social media platform, looking to make more connection.  Subscribe/follow and reach out!

Drones & Aviatio

I provide any industry FAA Part 107, mission specific training, basic and advanced flight training as well as an automated FAA certified Drone Program.  I also use drones to make awesome videos and take amazing photos. My company is Drone Management Group (DMG).

Virtual Tours

I make ultrarealalistic 360 virtual tours of any space to help reach your customer whever they are at, to make them feel as though they are with you in person!

Video & Photo

Nathan Haston offers aerial and ground video and photography for any project.  


Get in contact for more information.


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Directing Reel.


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Nathan Haston Music!


Everyone loves a good book.  Get them here!

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