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The full list of Nathan's credits as well as some snippets of his roles.  

Man Holding Camera

Coming soon, reels of Nathan's videography, photography, and directing.  

Image by Denise Jans

Nathan's sports.

Image by Valentin Balan

Tap, hiphop, ballroom.

Dancing Salsa

The online credit resume the stars and big production companies use.


All of Nathan Haston Music at your fingertips.

Image by Marius Masalar

Nathan Haston as an influencer on social media.

Image by Marius Masalar

The full list of works by Nathan Haston and the Haston brand.

Image by Aaron Burden

What Others are Saying

"A natural auteur, Nathan Haston is halfway to Cannes. Hell, he may already be there. Five stars." 

Kyle Stephen

"Nathan Haston is a rising star, soon to be household name."


"I love this book! It tells an interesting side of one warrior's mindset! These fictionalized words are based off of true events, example of 9/11 reffrences and current engagements around the world. So while yes its a story, it has real plausibility! It also has some real talk about moraliy while also giving you a freakin action packed adventure through every page!" - Alex Austins regarding "Operation Trident Justice"

Alex Austins / Regarding "Operation Trident Justice"

"'When the Goin' Gets Tough"' does not hold back in it's grave honesty.  He doesn't hold back his emotions, relating to the audience on a personal level.   Personally, I listen to the song on the plane to put the fear of flight out of mind; a loved one used it in one of his darkest moments."  Liz Wright

Liz Wright

" this on the play store because I seriously could listen to this song all day. It's almost hard to believe how accurate it is." 

Tay Tay / Regarding "When the Goin' Gets Tough"

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