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Nathan's Charity Work

While Philanthropy and Charity are interchangeable, I wanted to attempt to separate the two. Please feel free to visit the philanthropy and charity pages on this site!  

Charity comes from the old French word Chrité and means, “Providing for those in need; generosity and giving”. The practice of charity involves giving money, goods or time to the unfortunate, either directly of by means of charitable trust or other worthy causes. - Medium

I firmly believe in assisting the needs of those less fortunate than myself.  Below is a list of charities I support and the projects I've done to assist these charities if one exists.  I have sent donations to every charity listed below.  If a charity peaks your interest, please visit them and perhaps donate too!  

  1. Wounded Warrior Project - "Operation Trident Justice"

  2. Suicide Prevention Foundation - "When the Goin' Gets Tough"

  3. Wildlife Warriors

  4. Australian Red Cross - Australia Fires 2019

  5. American Red Cross

  6. Team Trees - Mr. Beast 

  7. WRCC and WRCC Food Pantry

  8. American Legion

  9. Good Samaritan Network

  10. Third Phase - Displaced Women

  11. Riley's Children's Hospital

  12. Police and Fire Association - NBC's "Chicago Med" and "Chicago PD"

  13. The Ocean Cleanup

  14. The Indianapolis Zoo

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