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A Message from Nathan Haston

A wise man once said to me, the ship that keeps moving will eventually reach it's destination.  Whether smooth or rough, eventually, that ship will reach its final destination, before or after the others, but it still reaches its destination.  If that ship shuts off the engines, then the wind will push it into the rocks and it will sink.  So, Nathan, are you going to sink?  Or will you keep sailing no matter the circumstance?

That statement motivates me.  The fact that I have an average of 72 years and six months and that people are making something of themselves each day, I will ALWAYS keep sailing.


I'm a motivated self starter who works well with a team.  I have a personality that allows me to meet and network with others known or unknown to me.  I give my all, whether it's working for me or with others, I will adapt to work towards our common goal and ensure success for all involved.  I have many life experiences, from corporate America to the US Government that I've taken with me and that have helped me work well for others. 


Honesty, Empathy, Fearlessness, Natural Preservation, and Exploration.


I can do anything I want, will be steadfast in my decisions, be the wolfdog for the sheep and if I fall down 7, I will get up 8;  I will never wake from my dreams until my dreams are my woken reality; my fear of failure drives me forward, kindness precedes defense and morals before success; I will not be corrupted and know that there is One that holds me accountable in the end.  


I will endeavor to operate with unconditional empathy until such point as kindness is no longer an option.  I will be unrelenting in my journey of life.  I will dream big and chase any opportunity that comes across my path.  I will never quit, I will never surrender.  If I fall, I will get back up always, coming back harder than I did the previous time.  If I fail, I will try again, and chase down anything in front of me until I over take it, and then keep grinding.  I will fight through the pain.  And to those less fortunate, with God as my witness, I promise to pay it forward whenever possible, as in the end, One judges all, and unto Him, all things are to be done.


Here are some sayings:

  1. You only get there if you start, and never give up.  

  2. Work for it.

  3. Nothing just falls in your lap.

  4. Don't let your dreams stay as dreams.

  5. Don't let your dreams stay as dreams, make them the reality you know that they can be.

  6. One World

  7. One WORLD - there's only one race, and that is the human race.

  8. Fall down 7, get up 8.

  9. Dreamers, don't get woke!

  10. I've faced tough odds before - I got myself through.  It's no different now.  I'll get to the other side, and I'll keep going.  I'll never stop conquering.  

  11. You have to see life through.  Even if you're terminal, depressed, suffering... we're all dying eventually anyways, stick it out, make a difference.  Try til your last breath to get the life you want to and to make a positive influence on history.  Who knows what you may accomplish.  In the end, you won't regret it.

  12. Everything will be okay in the end.  If it's not okay right now, then it is not the end.  

  13. Just be nice.

  14. Only the best can be the best.

  15. Why?  'Cause I Can.

  16. Make your Dream Life your REAL LIFE! 

  17. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. In other words, stay persistent. 

  18. I’m gonna keep pushing til I get my way!  I’m gonna keep knocking til I get my way!  I know what I want, and I’m goin for it!  

  19. Rise and shine.

  20. Get UP! 

  21. When the world says that you can't, hear you will.

  22. When the world says you can’t, they mean prove it.

  23. We die in the end anyways, so why would you end it prematurely?

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